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We offer top-of-the-line online financial literacy package or WEBUCATION online program. Many can't afford the cost of getting the same formal education and so Emerald Passport designed a system that will allow you to learn from the experts and earn at the same time with a small business start-up cost minus the headache of maintenance, accounting, and inventory.

On this page we will list all of the products we offer as part of our main product line. Please check in often because we will frequently update the product pages with new items.

Important note: We do not solely market Emerald Passport Products but also promote all products marketed by our team members.

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Next megatrend in internet marketing: WEBUCATION


For Bloggers and Traders

This month's special: A complete copy of the Perl-CGI Tripod-based program that runs this site:

Sample Online School Registration

Are you looking for a super cheap and very inexpensive way to add great functionality to your websites with this do-it-yourself database management of your organization's online registration!

Do you want to avoid the very high cost of hiring a programmer to do a simple online registration? You can actually do this at less than $100!!

You will be able to download the complete Perl-CGI program plus get FREE consultation from me until you get your TEST site running in tripod. You can then later modify the program the way you want it done. Of course, anything more advanced than what is shown on the test site is no longer covered by this agreement.

Note that you can do your project in tripod for FREE!

If you will notice also, you will be able to set-up this third-party site for your school, church, or organization without the tripod ads appearing on the page!! How do you temporarily disable the Tripod's automatic inclusion of banner ads?

Have you ever wondered how "they" did it? DON'T DENY YOURSELF THE EXPERIENCE!! I know this technique maybe old for you but, hey, IT WORKS and I did it already for several start-up companies and for schools who don't have the budget to do a simple thing yet important matter as an online registration.

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How to Build Your EPI Network
by the A-TEAM Directors

edited by: Nelson Yu and Mark Anthony Manalili

This book is a study of the success stories of the A-TEAM within the Emerald Passport Network. It is a must have for those aspiring to succeed in building a dynamic EPI network.

Mark documents that the company average of those who join EPI start earning no less than $5000 a month within the first two to three months of joining the business doing it part-time and from home. This is an excellent book for those moms and dads who want to start a home business and see results fast enough to meet your current family needs.

Nelson himself has built a network of 40,000 in the Asia-Pacific region. A great leader and teacher in the MLM and Direct Selling industry.

Emerald Passport to Prosperity: Your Phase I Online Financial Package


The whole of Phase I Online Financial Package is valued at $7617. You pay only $1295!

Note: Emerald Passport and Profit Masters Marketing Websites are purchased separately from your referrer's or director's websites.

Phase I product acess. You may request for a guest pass from your director before you buy! Just email us.